Utilising Craigslist To Help You Move – The Gift Of Giving

There are many people in the world that need help with getting furniture or exercise equipment. Well moving may give them that option.

For example, earlier this year, I lived on the second floor of an apartment building. We had way too much stuff and not enough people helping. We hired movers the morning of and they took out they payment but after hours of waiting, it was nighttime. We had to be out that night so when we called the moving place, they had no idea who we were yet they took our money. Finally after them calling us 3 times making sure we didn’t want their service, we had to go through the trouble of a refund mess, but we were able to get someone with a truck to get our stuff and go to the storage place. Though days before, we put our items on craigslist and a underprivileged family came and took our exercise equipment, chairs we didn’t need and much more.

They came back multiple days in a row and filled their truck with items we didn’t need and items we didn’t want. Instead of selling it to people who didn’t really have a need for them, just a want, we posted them for free and we were glad that we could help a family. They were able to get two TV’s, nightstands and like I said, exercise equipment and a recliner. We even contacted them months later and told them about another apartment we knew that needed someone to take away the extra furniture and a TV. They were extremely grateful and such a nice family that had young children.

This is the perfect reason to use Craigslist before you move. If you really don’t need to haul half of the things you have, posting them for a low price or even free on Craigslist will help you get them off your hands and even help someone who can’t afford new things, as you’ll be providing for them. It was a win-win situation but it felt better knowing the items were going to homes that they were going to be used well in.

Craigslist is a simple solution and can save you A LOT of energy and less times to the trash, while helping out the less fortunate.

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