Tips For Moving Antiques

Are you moving? Do you own any antiques? Packing them to preserve their condition is extremely critical. We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for you to pack your antiques before that big move.

Wrapping Items

Wrapping your items perfectly is pretty much essential. Use a soft texture packing material like Dartek. This is an acid-free type of plastic that allows your items to breathe. Dartex is perfect for that art that you need to keep preserved while traveling. Some moving climates can make it difficult for a painting or picture to make it out “alive”.

Removing Fragile Handles

These won’t be taken off for good – we just need to remove fragile handles so other items in a moving truck or even the edges of the door way, won’t hurt their condition. If your item is a dresser or a hutch, put these fragile handles inside one of the drawers until you’re at the new place.

Covering The Edges of the Doorways

Not many people think of this, but if you have multiple large objects and many doorways to overcome, simply cover these edges in a soft material so none of the paint of finish gets scraped off of whatever you’re moving.

Securing Doors

With either bungee chords (that we all know so well from the trunks of our parents cars when we were little) or with something as simple as acid free tape, you’re able to secure the doors during moving so they don’t open and release whatever is inside of the doors or damage anything else in the moving process.

Bubble Wrap Is Only A Second Layer

Instead of wrapping your art specifically in bubble wrap, only use it as a second layer of protection under the first, reliable one. The bubbles may pop and yes, they can damage fragile antique artwork. The bubbles also pop easily so they may not be of much protection as a first layer.

All these tips and more can be used perfectly to make moving a little easier. They are little tips and steps but they are to protect you from getting those little annoying dinks or scratches in your items! We hope these tips help!



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