Moving Survival Guide

Do you have fears of packing things and moving? Not because you’re going to a new place, but because packing can be so daunting? Check out our moving survival guide below on how to move everything safely, fast and without a hitch.

 Getting An Early Start

This seems to be the obvious tip and something we all struggle on doing. When you’re organized and start early, not only is the feeling great but also, you’ll have enough time to pack everything perfectly so nothing gets damaged. You’ll also be able to weed out what you don’t need. That fits perfectly in our next tip.

 Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need

When you go through things, get rid of items you haven’t used in a year or so. By doing this, your new place will be cleaner, and you’ll have less to move. I think the main goal when everyone moves is to move the least amount of things in the least time possible. Donate your extra items that are in good condition whether they are clothes, toys, trinkets or more to your local thrift store or charity. You’ll be doing something for yourself and you’ll be doing a good deed.

 Labels, Labels, Labels!

Labels are super important when packing and moving. It’s important for the move-in, when you have to unpack in the new place. Instead of stacking everything in one room and opening everything to find where you’ve placed a certain box of items, you can label them and put them in their respective rooms when you get there, so 75% of the work is done. Labels literally make everything easier.

 Important Paperwork Packing

No one really addresses how you should pack paperwork. If this paperwork has personal and financial, you should keep this with you during the move and not send it through shipping unless you’re taking the moving truck yourself. Put this in a briefcase in your car or a purse. If you must have anything shipped to you, have a family or friend send it with tracking information.

 Keepin’ A Checklist, Checkin’ It Twice

This one also seems like a no brainer that no one ever does, but keeping an inventory check will make your label part so much easier. When you have every one of your boxes out and in their places, then you can check them off the inventory list and let yourself know what you may or may not have missed during the move. This will allow you to track down exactly what was lost.



All of these tips and more are super important when packing and moving. It will keep you organized and you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself afterwards. Who doesn’t love feeling good when they’re responsible? Good luck on your move!

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