Moving Horrors: What To Do

We may not think ahead of time when it comes to moving as it’s exhausting, but there are some items that should be taken care of well ahead of the schedule as they may cause you a bit of horror on moving day.

Large Hutches/Cabinets

You might think that everything that goes into your house will come out normally. But do you remember how tough it was to get that large China hutch up the stairs and through the doorway? Prepare to do it again, unless you’ve found a solution already… Try turning your cabinet on its side and using two pairs of hands to grab the ends. Depending on how large your entry way is, you may have to maneuver it around the angles of the area.

Wrap the edges of the doorway or the edges of the large cabinet so the finishing will not scrape off and/or paint will not scrape off from the edges of the doorway.

Transporting Cars

Are you moving far away and can’t drive your car? You may have to have them towed or shipped to the new location. If you’re not into this, sell your car and plan in advance to either take public transportation afterwards or plan to get a new car. Not many people think ahead when they have multiple cars and are moving.

The first step to determining the towing of your vehicle: what kind of trailer you will need. There are two types of trailers for cars that are generally used. These two are a tow dolly or a car carrier. The difference between the two is that a tow dolly lifts your cars front wheels of the ground. This is the cheaper option of the two. When obtaining a trailer, speak to the manufacturer in choosing the specific weight, size and more based on your vehicle. When all this is determined, you’ll be able to attach it to the moving truck or van.

After you’ve determined this with your vehicle, here are some essential “to-do” items:

DO: Double check the connection from the hitch so your vehicle doesn’t go flying during transport like a cow in a tornado.
DON’T: Don’t put items into the car that’s being towed behind. The weight determination is based on the weight of the empty vehicle.


These are just two of the larger items that will need careful planning before you move. Make a checklist of the large items to help you organize how it’s going to happen before or on your moving day. Good luck!



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