Utilising Craigslist To Help You Move – The Gift Of Giving

There are many people in the world that need help with getting furniture or exercise equipment. Well moving may give them that option.

For example, earlier this year, I lived on the second floor of an apartment building. We had way too much stuff and not enough people helping. We hired movers the morning of and they took out they payment but after hours of waiting, it was nighttime. We had to be out that night so when we called the moving place, they had no idea who we were yet they took our money. Finally after them calling us 3 times making sure we didn’t want their service, we had to go through the trouble of a refund mess, but we were able to get someone with a truck to get our stuff and go to the storage place. Though days before, we put our items on craigslist and a underprivileged family came and took our exercise equipment, chairs we didn’t need and much more.

They came back multiple days in a row and filled their truck with items we didn’t need and items we didn’t want. Instead of selling it to people who didn’t really have a need for them, just a want, we posted them for free and we were glad that we could help a family. They were able to get two TV’s, nightstands and like I said, exercise equipment and a recliner. We even contacted them months later and told them about another apartment we knew that needed someone to take away the extra furniture and a TV. They were extremely grateful and such a nice family that had young children.

This is the perfect reason to use Craigslist before you move. If you really don’t need to haul half of the things you have, posting them for a low price or even free on Craigslist will help you get them off your hands and even help someone who can’t afford new things, as you’ll be providing for them. It was a win-win situation but it felt better knowing the items were going to homes that they were going to be used well in.

Craigslist is a simple solution and can save you A LOT of energy and less times to the trash, while helping out the less fortunate.

8 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Moving without knowledge of cool ways to do things can be tough. But thankfully, we’ve provided 8 moving hacks that will make you say, “why didn’t I think of that?!” Check it out below.

Don’t Pay For Boxes

Seriously, don’t. You can find boxes at local supermarkets, photocopy places, etc. Ask if they have any extra boxes. They even have some on Craigslist and freecycle websites. Save a good chunk of money for that move!

Gather Your Friends

Offer incentives like pizza and beer for your friends to help you pack and move stuff in. It has never not worked for my moves and I’ve moved over 9 times in life.


We’ve mentioned to get free boxes off Craigslist, but with your stuff you don’t want, list some items in the free section and have people clean house with stuff you don’t want or can’t take. People are always scavenging Craigslist for new items.


Some moving expenses do count as a tax deduction. Make sure you save your receipts for everything you spent before and during the move that has to do with your move. Let’s save you some money!


Pack your clothes pre-hanged so when you get into your new closet, you can instantly put them on the rack. Not only will this save time and energy, but you will also save a box by not throwing the hangers in one box and the clothes in another! #LazyPeopleHacks

Use Drawers, Not Boxes

If you have small, extra things, instead of looking around for boxes, take drawers of a bureau and put the items in those! Not only will this save time, but you’re re-using things you already have.

Colors Labels

Make an inventory list for your boxes and instead of writing words on each box, which would give away what’s in there to strangers, put color stickers on the boxes. Then put another sticker of that same color on the inventory sheet next to the word of what’s in the box. This helps so your items don’t get stolen so easily during transport/shipping.

Towel Substitute

Instead of buying a bunch of bubble wrap, which can actually harm your items, sometimes, you’re able to wrap your more fragile items with towels. You’ll save space in other boxes for linens with this method.



Moving Horrors: What To Do

We may not think ahead of time when it comes to moving as it’s exhausting, but there are some items that should be taken care of well ahead of the schedule as they may cause you a bit of horror on moving day.

Large Hutches/Cabinets

You might think that everything that goes into your house will come out normally. But do you remember how tough it was to get that large China hutch up the stairs and through the doorway? Prepare to do it again, unless you’ve found a solution already… Try turning your cabinet on its side and using two pairs of hands to grab the ends. Depending on how large your entry way is, you may have to maneuver it around the angles of the area.

Wrap the edges of the doorway or the edges of the large cabinet so the finishing will not scrape off and/or paint will not scrape off from the edges of the doorway.

Transporting Cars

Are you moving far away and can’t drive your car? You may have to have them towed or shipped to the new location. If you’re not into this, sell your car and plan in advance to either take public transportation afterwards or plan to get a new car. Not many people think ahead when they have multiple cars and are moving.

The first step to determining the towing of your vehicle: what kind of trailer you will need. There are two types of trailers for cars that are generally used. These two are a tow dolly or a car carrier. The difference between the two is that a tow dolly lifts your cars front wheels of the ground. This is the cheaper option of the two. When obtaining a trailer, speak to the manufacturer in choosing the specific weight, size and more based on your vehicle. When all this is determined, you’ll be able to attach it to the moving truck or van.

After you’ve determined this with your vehicle, here are some essential “to-do” items:

DO: Double check the connection from the hitch so your vehicle doesn’t go flying during transport like a cow in a tornado.
DON’T: Don’t put items into the car that’s being towed behind. The weight determination is based on the weight of the empty vehicle.


These are just two of the larger items that will need careful planning before you move. Make a checklist of the large items to help you organize how it’s going to happen before or on your moving day. Good luck!



Moving Survival Guide

Do you have fears of packing things and moving? Not because you’re going to a new place, but because packing can be so daunting? Check out our moving survival guide below on how to move everything safely, fast and without a hitch.

 Getting An Early Start

This seems to be the obvious tip and something we all struggle on doing. When you’re organized and start early, not only is the feeling great but also, you’ll have enough time to pack everything perfectly so nothing gets damaged. You’ll also be able to weed out what you don’t need. That fits perfectly in our next tip.

 Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need

When you go through things, get rid of items you haven’t used in a year or so. By doing this, your new place will be cleaner, and you’ll have less to move. I think the main goal when everyone moves is to move the least amount of things in the least time possible. Donate your extra items that are in good condition whether they are clothes, toys, trinkets or more to your local thrift store or charity. You’ll be doing something for yourself and you’ll be doing a good deed.

 Labels, Labels, Labels!

Labels are super important when packing and moving. It’s important for the move-in, when you have to unpack in the new place. Instead of stacking everything in one room and opening everything to find where you’ve placed a certain box of items, you can label them and put them in their respective rooms when you get there, so 75% of the work is done. Labels literally make everything easier.

 Important Paperwork Packing

No one really addresses how you should pack paperwork. If this paperwork has personal and financial, you should keep this with you during the move and not send it through shipping unless you’re taking the moving truck yourself. Put this in a briefcase in your car or a purse. If you must have anything shipped to you, have a family or friend send it with tracking information.

 Keepin’ A Checklist, Checkin’ It Twice

This one also seems like a no brainer that no one ever does, but keeping an inventory check will make your label part so much easier. When you have every one of your boxes out and in their places, then you can check them off the inventory list and let yourself know what you may or may not have missed during the move. This will allow you to track down exactly what was lost.



All of these tips and more are super important when packing and moving. It will keep you organized and you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself afterwards. Who doesn’t love feeling good when they’re responsible? Good luck on your move!

Tips For Moving Antiques

Are you moving? Do you own any antiques? Packing them to preserve their condition is extremely critical. We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for you to pack your antiques before that big move.

Wrapping Items

Wrapping your items perfectly is pretty much essential. Use a soft texture packing material like Dartek. This is an acid-free type of plastic that allows your items to breathe. Dartex is perfect for that art that you need to keep preserved while traveling. Some moving climates can make it difficult for a painting or picture to make it out “alive”.

Removing Fragile Handles

These won’t be taken off for good – we just need to remove fragile handles so other items in a moving truck or even the edges of the door way, won’t hurt their condition. If your item is a dresser or a hutch, put these fragile handles inside one of the drawers until you’re at the new place.

Covering The Edges of the Doorways

Not many people think of this, but if you have multiple large objects and many doorways to overcome, simply cover these edges in a soft material so none of the paint of finish gets scraped off of whatever you’re moving.

Securing Doors

With either bungee chords (that we all know so well from the trunks of our parents cars when we were little) or with something as simple as acid free tape, you’re able to secure the doors during moving so they don’t open and release whatever is inside of the doors or damage anything else in the moving process.

Bubble Wrap Is Only A Second Layer

Instead of wrapping your art specifically in bubble wrap, only use it as a second layer of protection under the first, reliable one. The bubbles may pop and yes, they can damage fragile antique artwork. The bubbles also pop easily so they may not be of much protection as a first layer.

All these tips and more can be used perfectly to make moving a little easier. They are little tips and steps but they are to protect you from getting those little annoying dinks or scratches in your items! We hope these tips help!