8 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Moving without knowledge of cool ways to do things can be tough. But thankfully, we’ve provided 8 moving hacks that will make you say, “why didn’t I think of that?!” Check it out below.

Don’t Pay For Boxes

Seriously, don’t. You can find boxes at local supermarkets, photocopy places, etc. Ask if they have any extra boxes. They even have some on Craigslist and freecycle websites. Save a good chunk of money for that move!

Gather Your Friends

Offer incentives like pizza and beer for your friends to help you pack and move stuff in. It has never not worked for my moves and I’ve moved over 9 times in life.


We’ve mentioned to get free boxes off Craigslist, but with your stuff you don’t want, list some items in the free section and have people clean house with stuff you don’t want or can’t take. People are always scavenging Craigslist for new items.


Some moving expenses do count as a tax deduction. Make sure you save your receipts for everything you spent before and during the move that has to do with your move. Let’s save you some money!


Pack your clothes pre-hanged so when you get into your new closet, you can instantly put them on the rack. Not only will this save time and energy, but you will also save a box by not throwing the hangers in one box and the clothes in another! #LazyPeopleHacks

Use Drawers, Not Boxes

If you have small, extra things, instead of looking around for boxes, take drawers of a bureau and put the items in those! Not only will this save time, but you’re re-using things you already have.

Colors Labels

Make an inventory list for your boxes and instead of writing words on each box, which would give away what’s in there to strangers, put color stickers on the boxes. Then put another sticker of that same color on the inventory sheet next to the word of what’s in the box. This helps so your items don’t get stolen so easily during transport/shipping.

Towel Substitute

Instead of buying a bunch of bubble wrap, which can actually harm your items, sometimes, you’re able to wrap your more fragile items with towels. You’ll save space in other boxes for linens with this method.



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